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We wanted to leave the most technical part to the end; As you probably know, cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on the device or computer of the visitor visiting the Platform through their browser. We reserve the right to use cookies to, among other things, provide you with easy navigation on our Platform and the most convenient access to the information that you require.

If you want to know more, we offer you detailed information of the cookies we use in our Cookies and Privacy Policy.

Finally at FairerTIX we always value openness in all our relationships so if you feel that any information or content on the Platform is contrary to the Law, or you believe that it violates your rights, appears deceptive or does not comply scrupulously with the law please, contact us immediately by mail to

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If you have read our Legal Notice, you will have verified that we give special importance to cookies. This is because International data protection organizations believe that cookies are so important that they deserve a specific section in any Internet project. Thus, to comply with its rules, the Platform informs you that we use cookies on our website (hereinafter, the Website); When you land on the website you will be asked to accept the Cookies Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files or pieces of information that are hosted on your device or computer through your browser, in order to allow us to offer you a more fluid and personalized navigation.

Why do we use cookies?

Thanks to these cookies you can, for example, avoid having to log in every time you visit the Website, and allow us to know your preferences so we can show you advertising related to your tastes (avoiding advertising that is of no interest to you).

What types of cookies are there?

 To facilitate the understanding of these mechanisms, we will detail below the different types of existing cookies, both those for which we need your consent, as well as those that are necessary for the basic functionality of the website:

  • Technical Cookies: these are necessary and strictly intended to allow you to browse the Website. This type of cookie includes, for example, those used when entering with your user data in order to track your data entered when filling in online forms, or those necessary to manage the statistics of the website.
  • Cookies necessary to provide a specific service expressly requested by you: for example will be those that allow access to a private area of ​​the website associated with your profile, content publication, sign up for events, etc.
  • Cookies managed by third parties for the personalization of advertising spaces or use of Social Plugins: these types of cookies allow us to adapt the different advertising sections that may appear on the website according to your tastes and interests in order to personalize the best possible environment on the Website according to your specific characteristics.


In particular, the following cookies are used for browsing on the FairerTIX Website:

Name – Function –  Duration spent on the site

Property of the Platform –  Correct operation of the system and purchase process  – until the end of the session

Property of google Analytics – Analysis and follow up

New Archive – System monitoring and service quality –  Until end of session


Can I manage cookies?

Of course you can manage cookies;  you can do so in the configuration of your browser and in case you had chosen to configure your browser with the option of automatic acceptance of cookies, our Website will identify the chosen configuration in order to inform you again about this aspect and request your express authorization.

It is possible to see in your browser the different options available regarding the management of cookies: basic functions, improvements in the Website, personalization, advertising, etc. Depending on the browser you are using, the way to disable cookies may vary. The most usual option is to do it through the Options or Tools menu.

The Platform includes two sections dedicated to the different social networks to which it is connected, in particular Facebook and Twitter. In the event that you select the option to access these social networks you will be directed to the pages of these social networks; so you should consult their Cookies and Privacy Policies since, being third-party sites, the Platform has no power or knowledge of the cookies used on its pages.

We inform you that to disable cookies managed by third parties you can do so through their cookie management pages such as Adobe Flash or Google Analytics.

In any case, we remind you that in the case of disabling cookies it is possible that you may not be able to use certain parts or sections of the Website. Finally we want to remind you (Nearly there!!), that in the case that you delete browser cookies it is likely that you can install them again.

Final Cookie note!!

By browsing the Website you recognize that you have read and accept this Cookies Policy and authorize the use by the platform of the different types of cookies mentioned above, in order to allow you full use of the Website. If you have any doubts or want to ask us any questions regarding the cookies we use again email directly to